Friday, December 02, 2011

A Date

On this day in December, I had a date.
Up until the last 20 minutes of it, it went very, very well. But if I could change the last 20 minutes for the entire evening, I would not. Why's that? You might be scratching your head.

Well on this day, I learned many things about the relational world that I could not have hoped to realize without this night, this date. I learned that what people claim to be in themselves might be the very opposite of the thing they are trying to resist (in themselves.)

On this day, it was brought to my attention that I am not a tall, blonde, athletic, Swedish girl. But strangely enough, since this comment was made by said gentleman, there has been some divine grace poured out upon me, making me feel more beautiful and confident with every passing second.

On this day, I was painfully reminded that there are some topics that shouldn't be discussed on first dates. Although in the moment it might feel so natural and comfortable to share with first date, and well "he asked," it's still wise to avert deeper issues and wait until a more permanent friendship has been established. After all, why does he need to know or share that personal stuff anyways?

On this day, I decide to be more cautious and less romantic about first dates in the future. Because after all, either there is a second date or you have just wasted a week in anticipation for that first (and last) date with this guy.

On this day, I am very happy to be a single girl, writing about first dates that will lead to nowhere (except perhaps heightened self-reflection) while drinking a cocktail in a basement in Minnesota.


Norman & Joyce said...

Relationships are tough to steer.

Portia said...

Yes, I think I need a Godwink. :)