Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Carol

Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to see The Christmas Carol live at the Guthrie Theatre here in Minneapolis. Oh man, it was 3 hours of theatrical delight as the audience together with the actors, were thrown into this classic masterpiece. Not only is the story riveting on its own, the acting, costumes, set design, and music was phenomenal. In fact, I left feeling that we had all made friends with Mr. Scrooge and sadly, that we could all identify with his ba-humbug spirit at different times in our lives. And yes, although we might not all have the money that Mr. Scrooge did, we all have the capacity to harbor coldness in our hearts.

This Christmas season, I have been powerfully reminded not to cling so tightly to pennies, not to count my minutes so closely, not to live so reservedly, in order that I might remember life only becomes joyful in praising the creator of it and sharing it with others.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Sharing is compounding benefits.