Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yangshuo Photos

Yangshuo, Day 1 Photos (rafting down the Li jiang river)

Yangshuo, Day 2 photos: Bike ride tour of the surrounding areas
(Aunties like these can be seen all around Yangshuo selling flower crowns. I asked her if I bought a crown, if I could also have a photo with her. She agreed.

But I guess she only wanted us to take one photo of her.)

Can you see me? The wild flowers help me to blend in to the natural landscape a bit.
On our bike-ride, we went to a place called "moon mountain" where we decided to climb to the top and see what all the fuss was about. I guess someone was a bit fussing on the way up to the top too.

Worth the climb. Although we got caught in the rain a few times on our bikes, we still had a lovely day. Our bicycle tour guide was great and shared some interesting things with us about the landscape. She also shared her umbrella with us; at one point, the three of us were huddled on the side of the road underneath her pink umbrella. Ah, Memories.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Beautiful, all around.