Friday, June 17, 2011

A little place called Maggie

This evening as Jenn, Caroline, and I were walking the streets of Hengyang after an enjoyable meal, we strolled past a place called "Maggie." In English, the sign reads, "Cafe and Donuts / Maggie." Could it be? We wanted to see for ourselves if this "Maggie" was really making and selling donuts in Hengyang.

We entered the building and turned to the left where a silver, well-lit up case was beckoning us "come hither." There, underneath it's golden lights, were perfectly rounded, fluffy, glazed donuts. We could not believe our eyes. The donuts appeared the right texture, the right consistency, and most of them had normal looking toppings. But, just at that moment, a very aggressive Chinese man came up to us suddenly and started speaking English very excitedly.
Some of us were scared about what the man might be saying and what kind of favor he might be wanting from us.

But, to our good fortune, the man finally got out that "I am the boss" and "I take your picture at my shop?"
"Okay," we agreed with some hesitation. "But only for some free donuts."
"Sure, no problem," he said happily. "Which one you like? Coffee, too?" (Now, you're talking).

We each picked out a delicious looking donut. The "boss" (Sam) happily snapped some photos of us with our donuts. We happily ate our donuts and took photos of each other eating donuts.
The coffee arrived. It was strong, slightly sweet, and absolutely delicious! Sam chatted with us for a bit. His English is pretty good, but sometimes we were confused whether he was speaking English or Chinese so we had some difficulty communicating. He invited us to drink beers at his other western restaurant; we told him we were heading to church, and we're not beer drinkers. He invited us to come to his shop everyday until we leave Hengyang. He even sent some bakery items home with us.

Well Sam, maybe not everyday, but a time or two more for a good cup of Joe and a delicious, little donut might be in the cards.

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