Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tea Shop

One of my favorite places in Hengyang is a yellow tea shop at the front of our campus. The shop is named 向上 (upwards). Not only can we get delicious and cheap coffees, teas, and juices, but the owner and his wife are friendly toward us and very patient with our Chinese.

The other day at the tea shop, I ordered a "machiatto" which is a new drink they have (similar to a machiatto from Starbucks but less strong.) Some visitors to our city pointed to my cup and asked, "Is this Starbucks?"
"More or less" I said. "It's our Hengyang Starbucks." And that's the truth. Hengyang Starbucks and friendly store owners, I will really miss you next year.

(The owner and his wife. They are 25 and have a 4 year old daughter. They think I'm a little bit behind on my life phases, but that's okay.)

Here are my top five favorite drinks to order at the tea shop:
1. Cold lemon black tea (has real slices of lemon in it)
2. Korean style, mango tea
3. Wu long flavored milk tea
4. Iced machiatto
5. Vanilla tea

We just ordered our drinks and feeling good about life.

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bitsyinchina said...

I'm going to miss seeing China through your eyes! You coming anywhere near VA or OH this summer??! Miss you, Portia!