Friday, January 28, 2011

Lessons from children

Today, I visited mom at the Elementary school where she works as the secretary. As I walked into the lunch room, I noticed that nearly an entire table of little people were staring at me. Man, I sure don't remember young kids staring so much. But I just smiled at them and made conversation.

Then, another group of students was waiting in line right in front of the table where I was sitting. A couple of the kids in the class must know I live in China. Three of them timidly stepped near the table:
"Have you seen panda bears?" How sweet. I told them that I had only seen them in the zoo, but I sure liked panda bears too. They are friendlier than the other bears.
"Have you seen a dolphin?" asks another student.
"My friend wants to know if you can speak Chinese?" a more bold girl asks me.

There really is something refreshing about children. There are fewer inhibitions and perhaps much less fear. I wish I were more child-like, not afraid to ask questions, not afraid to show interest. Not afraid of being hurt. Living for the moment. Playing hard. Believing in miracles. Laughing with blissful ignorance.

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Norman & Joyce said...

"And children's faces looking up
Holding wonder like a cup."
from "Barter"--Sarah Teasdale