Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Chinese Writer on Culture

Recently, I've started downloading and listening to NPR's radio broadcast formerly known as "Speaking on Faith" now named "Being."

One guest named AnChee Min immigrated from China to the US in 1984. Min has become a famous writer receiving national recognition and rewards for her stories and memoirs set during Mao's China. In this particular interview, she compares the different mentalities between the Chinese and American views on money and the economic crisis.

Min mentions how Chinese current economic situation has improved a lot and "we don't take things for granted." I disagree with applying this statement to Chinese people of all ages as I see a lot of entitlement and materialism in Chinese young people, but I do think it's an accurate reflection of how most Chinese people feel towards money and spending below their means.

Min shares not only her insight into Chinese mentality and culture but also provides a sobering outside view into American's culture. "If you have this will to learn, and you have this will to work three jobs. . .like I said, no picky choosy. You just be happy that you have the right to work and you speak English." If you have time, I recommend listening to this broadcast.

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