Friday, September 24, 2010

Dorm visit

There’s been some hints that a blog without photos is simply not that interesting. I personally don’t agree, but I’m not going to let my thoughts get in the way of posting a few photos if it means people will continue to be interested in life here. This entire semester has been so exciting in many ways that I haven’t done a good job of conveying it here probably because I’m busy with the excitement of it all that I don’t always have time to digest it here.

But let me digest with you all for a moment. The past 3 days, we’ve been on a holiday to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. On this festival, people give each other moon cakes, eat round foods like pamello, lotus flower, and jujubes, have a big meal with family, and take homemade lanterns outside to look at the moon. For the foreigners, the result of the holiday is usually a fridge full of moon cakes. But this year, I found a way around this unfavorable result. I asked some students after class what I should do with all the extra moon cakes I received. “Share them with us!” they responded. And so I did. I set a time to visit some of the girl students in the dormitory and told them I’d bring my leftover mooncakes.Among about 8 girls, they ate 5 decent sized moon cakes. I was impressed.

As you can see from this photo, the way to eat the moon cake, is to cut it up into small pieces, inserting a toothpick into each piece. In this way, a person can try several different flavors of mooncakes.

Some other highlights of the dormitory visit included looking at some photos from their recent climb to the Mountain and listening to one girl play Chinese songs on her guitar while the others sang along.

As I headed out of their dorm room and down the stairs, I noticed that about 6 pair of feet were following me. "In Chinese custom, we escort our guest to the door,” said one of the students. "Okay, that's kind of you," I responded. And even though some of them were in their PJ's, they even walked me to the gate of their dormitory. "Alright, that's good enough" I said. You have treated me very kindly.” And indeed they had. They had whole-hearted welcomed me into their dwelling place, invited me to come again, and insisted that if I ever needed to buy anything in Hengyang, I should call them. 

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