Friday, July 02, 2010

An unforgettable ride

Yesterday, Erin and I took the bumpiest, longest two hour van ride of our long lives. The destination: Huang Long He (Yellow Dragon Lake). In fact, I had never heard of this place before it was included in our packaged tour to Jiu Zhai Gou in Sichuan. Normally, the road to Yellow Dragon would not be so bumpy, but right now the entire road is under under construction. As fate would have it, Erin and I were also in the back of the 12 seater van. Furthermore, our bus driver was crazy. While most drivers would slow down over bumps, I think he accelerated. Maybe it's because he was distracted by the text messages he was trying to send on his cell phone so he couldn't see clearly all the bumps we were clearly hitting straight on. There were times I bounced at least a foot off the seat; no seat belts of course. I took the time to listen to a sermon and make my peace with God. The tour guide, aware that we were all losing patience with the constant bumping said with a glint in his eyes "free massage," chuckle, chuckle. I told him I still preferred the massages you pay for. Sometimes, people think that miracles don't happen anymore, that they are only for the Old Testament times. I have seen several miracles in my lifetime mainly including surviving travel in China.

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