Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plans Can't Keep up With Changes

"Plans Can't Keep up with Changes," is a common saying here in China. As a type A person who likes to know what the next day will hold, I don't do so well with this concept. I like schedule, routine, meeting times, and daily planners. I make a list every night before I go to bed of the next day's tasks; I'm wired tight.
But, living in this culture where there are frequently last minute dinner invitations or changes in teaching schedules the week before classes begin, I've had to adjust. But it still doesn't settle right within.

Thursday's are my days off from teaching. On these days, I usually meet with 2 or 3 sisters at two different times. We spend time studying, cooking, talking, and hanging out. Today is Wednesday. Within 3 hours, all three of these sisters have called me to tell me that they are leaving Hengyang either tonight or tomorrow morning. Just like that, Poof! A free day lurks before me. I like free days, but I don't like that I have no plans for the free day. Free days with no plans can be a little daunting; I'm starting to think of all the people I should call or visit, the rooms and corners I should clean, the lessons I should prepare, and the papers I should grade. How about a real "free" day, Portia.

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