Sunday, May 09, 2010

In Honor of My Mother

My grandmother, mother, and I have a common bond. Other than our sparkling personalities and five foot stature, we also have a hereditary trait displayed on our fingers. As you can see above, our fingers our short and stout. Each of us has between two or three fingers that are missing joints. The result is these fingers are shorter and fatter than the other fingers. When I was younger, I loved looking at my grandmother's and mother's hands, especially their fingers. Toward my own hands though, I was somewhat self-conscious. I would think of those wedding pictures show casing the husband and wife's hands folded over each other so dainty-like, and then I would shudder to imagine at how ridiculous my own hands would look in this romantic picture. Now, I've nearly forgotten that my hands are "special." I'm thankful to be linked with grandma and mom in this special way.

(My mom and grandmother: 2 beautiful women)

On Mother's Day in the US, I like to give my mom extra hugs and usually bake something special for breakfast like coffee cake and scrambled eggs. This year especially, I miss celebrating the day with my mom. But, I'm also thankful for the great examples of mothers around me, especially my two team-mates and one former team-mate (you know who you are). Thanks for giving us a good example of motherhood when we're away from our own mothers. And mom, many thanks. My words are not strong enough, but I want you to know I think of you often and thank the Father for you!

(Photo from Christmas 2006)

Do you remember when I was rebellious and naughty? Hopefully you don't remember too clearly! Thankfully most of those qualities have been snuffed out. Yet even in my worst days, I knew you loved me and would do anything to help me walk in the light. Your upward thoughts, continual forgiveness, and unconditional love have not been in vain. I can't thank you enough. May you feel the love today from across the ocean. The ocean is only as big as we make it seem.


Anonymous said...

We shared a cup of coffee with your mom this afternoon as she stopped thru while travelling. It was nice to visit!

Sounds like fun at the expo. Glad you could enjoy it.


Norman & Joyce said...

Mothers can be such a blessing. One day may not be sufficient to show our appreciation.

Ruth said...

Thank you Portia, for that great post. You are such a great lady. You truly reflect the son shine.