Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Student Poets

A few weeks ago, I gave students the assignment to follow a simple format for writing poems. The results were delightful. Here are some of the more creative and romantic poems: (spacing edited a little)

I wish I were a piece of paper, black and simple.
You can write all your happiness and sadness on me,
then I will share them with you
and make you happy.

I wish I were the blood in your body,
warm and smooth,
Then I would be able to touch you all the time.

I wish I were the pillow under your head,
soft and cozy,
then I would kiss you when you are sleeping.

I wish I were a tree in front of your house,
strong and gentle,
Then I would be waiting for your coming back
while the whole of my life.

I wish I were a tooth of yours,
white and unique,
Then I would make you hurt
at least when you lose me.

I wish I were a blue horse
with strong body and light step
then I would enjoy my freedom
within black earth and blue sky.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Nice job by the students. They must have a great teacher!!