Friday, December 04, 2009

Ponderings on Christmas Stuff

1. Is it sacra-religious to set out half a nativity scene?
2. Is it sacra-religious to set up half a nativity scene on top of my fridge?
3. Where are the shepherd, the angel, and the cow?
4. Do Christmas sprinkles keep for a year?
5. Is it possible to use a juice that has pomegranate, red grape, peach, and apple flavor to make apple cider? Should I use a peach nectar juice instead?
5. Why can I find all kinds of nuts here except pecans?
6. What can I do with the abundance of Christmas stockings?
7. Was the neighbor man outside joking when he asked to attend our Christmas party?
8. Why didn’t I think of inventing a Christmas tree made completely out of silver tinsel? Ingenious and beautiful!
9. If the candy-canes from a year ago are soft and liquidy, can I still give them away as presents?

1 comment:

Drew and Rachel said...

2. Maybe if you are missing Mary, Joesph, or baby.
6. Give them to the Addingtons
9. you seriously saved candy canes from last year?

Yes that was your chinney chin chin. It looks cute. No zits, that's something to be thankful for.