Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finals Time!

As some of you know, it's finals' time for us here in China. For the sophomore students, the final is a 5 minute interview in which I ask them some questions from the topics and lessons we have studied this semester. In fact, I have made this final especially easy for them by giving them a review sheet with all possible questions that I would ask during the final.

After tomorrow at 10:00 AM, I will be nearly half-way done with the sophomore finals, and I'm noticing a trend: the amount of compliments students give during their finals is a little comical. "Your scarf is so beautiful," (I have been wearing this scarf the whole semester.)"You look so lovely today in your red coat." Or, "I often want to talk to you, but I feel so nervous when I look at your eyes." Or, "I do hope you will teach us next semester." Or my favorite one in answer to the question, "Which lesson from this semester has helped your Oral English improve the most?" a response like, "Of course, all of the courses with our lovely foreign teacher."

Yeah, I'm on to the flattery. And although it might not help student's grade, (because of course I am objective at all times) it does help me quite a bit. For next semester, remind me to also schedule an oral mid-term; I could use a dose of this medicine more often.

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