Monday, September 21, 2009

Changing Winds

Although the weather’s cool, even favorable,
With the fleeting sun, has also gone
her smile.
She musters it up for the class, pushing the edges out,
displaying some white from her teeth,
It’s pasted on; she counts to three.
Will they believe this is happiness?

They’re too clever.
They know this look themselves.
She’s not fooling any of them
except perhaps the girl
who sits in the back
squinting behind thick glasses
to see the board.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are feeling down about your current situation. I must say that from a work perspective I can relate at times.

I do not have the added culture change to complicate things further.

I'll be thinking of you.


Mom said...

I have been there too. Sometimes forcing the smile helps, a least for a brief moment. You are in our thoughts.