Saturday, March 14, 2009

China Day

I woke up, keenly aware
That this day was different.
Not a drop of rain to be heard
and the sun already gaining strength for the day.
The air, fresh and strong, breezing through my window.

I want to walk until my legs fall off
I can't get enough Of China today.
Of fluffy comforters draped over bushes and cars.
Of dads, sons, and grandpas flying rental kites.
Of freshman students excitedly biking in packs along the river.
Of snacks on sticks and fried food smells
Of old men fishing from the recently replenished river

In many ways, I feel like I've stepped back 5 decades.
And yet, I can't get enough of China today.


Mom said...

Wish I was there to enjoy the day with you!

Amy said...

I love this. What a great picture.