Monday, January 26, 2009

Thailand Observations

I've been in Thailand for a little over 2 weeks now. Here are some of my observations:

Doors swing both ways here, you can push or pull.
Sidewalks double as extra storage spaces for both homes and businesses. I’m amazed at the number of businesses that overflow onto the sidewalk, from cement slabs from a manufacturing business to local restaurant tables; the sidewalk space is clearly up for grabs.
Bottled drinks always come with straws and also when you buy a drink from a local food stand, it frequently comes in a small bag instead of a cup...(perhaps it’s part of a going green campaign).

Dining thoughts—portions are smaller than they are in china, and they always come with rice, unless of course you order fried noodles. They also serve their meals with a half slice of lime. Before you eat the dish, you should squeeze the lime over the main dish. The chicken here is boneless, white, and baked as opposed to fried. It’s delicious. I cannot get enough of Thai cuisine, and I will be sad to leave it.
And of course, curry is a main ingredient in most of the cuisine here. I have learned there are three kinds of curry: green, yellow, and red. Green is apparently the spiciest with red a close second. I cannot get enough curry in my life.

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