Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Letter from a friend....

I recently received an email from one of the first friends I ever made in China. Nearly 3 summers ago, I was her teacher. For a five week program, I was teaching her and her colleagues, a group of Chinese teachers from a Northernmost province. It was incredibly intimidating to teach teachers, but in the end, I felt extremely fulfilled, and it was at that point, that I knew China had a special place in my heart. Apparently, my friend has had a lot of changes since we last saw each other (3 years ago). I think you will enjoy reading her recent email...

Dear Portia:Please forgive me because I can't reply to your email on time.You know in China,if you have a baby of months old,you can have two hours every day to feed it.So I can't find enough time to write to you.
In school,I am so busy giving lessons,checking homework,preparing the exam papers and so on.What busy days I am having!But it makes me happy,just like you.You are also busy and happy.Let's enjoy the pleasant life together.The winter holiday is coming,what's your plan?Are you going to come here? We are looking forward to seeing you.Maybe we(I mean the whole class in Beijing) will have another party.I will send you some information about it next time.
Oh,I forgot to tell you that Tracy is on her way to become a mother,too.She got married last year in December,2007.Congratulations to her.And David's son went to a military university this September,what a proud father he is!There are more surprises for you.Next time,after I meet them,I can tell you. When can you give us your surprises?
I am interested in your everyday life.Would you mind telling me some?
That's all for this.Wish you happy every moment!

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