Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Room-mate

We have a new room-mate. It’s a rat. Yes, a rat-a-tat-tat. We are now the fourth apartment in our complex that I have heard of having a rat in the apartment. It’s quite terrible. I have not been able to enter any rooms without hitting the wall and stamping my foot. I saw the rat yesterday morning. At first, I thought I was seeing things. So I went back into my room and hoped that I was still just waking up. But when my room-mate got back from her walk, she confirmed that the rat had indeed come inside when she had left to go out that day. It came through a hole in the screened-in door when she opened the main door. This is no ordinary rodent we are dealing with. It’s very clever.

No one else really seems concerned about the rat living with us. But my room is right beside the kitchen and therefore a prime place for the rat to have a nice nap after having a feast, (at least if I were a rat, this is what I would do.)
However, I now have three methods in place to capture and or kill the rat. A mouse trap box which is a box that will capture the rat when it enters it to eat the food. Two sticky pads that supposedly the rat gets stuck on and then you can put a bucket over it and take it outside. And finally, rat poison. Apparently, it is illegal to sell rat poison because people were using the poison to kill things other than rats. However, when we were buying the sticky mouse traps, I asked my Chinese friend if the sticky pads were also poisonous. The vendor lady heard me, looked suspiciously around, and asked, “You want poison? I have that too.”


Erica said...

Eww, rats in the house! :( We had a rat family that lived outside our apartment, one in particular that we saw all the time. Our coping mechanism? We named him Elbert. I don't think anything named Elbert can possibly be as fearsome as before it was named. :) So feel free to name the rat Elbert Jr or some other goofy name. You gotta laugh or it gets to ya!

Brandon and Kara said...

Portia, I just found your blog and this journal entry is HILAIRIOUS!!!!! I know it's not funny about the rat, but how you write about it makes me have a good strong laugh. Shades of Jack Handy, I think!