Friday, October 10, 2008

A Beautiful Monday

I wrote this blog this past Monday:

Today, finally, and truly, the weather is what I like to call Fall; I can’t get enough of it. I went on a jog at five. It was the perfect time and temperature. Apparently, it’s not normal to go jogging here at that time because I was the only person jogging. While a lot of students were outside, enjoying the weather, they were doing more relaxing activities such as strolling, playing cards, making out, etc. I’ve noticed that while I’m out by myself in public, I have a tendency to constantly have a look of consternation and seriousness on my face. The moment I don’t, people start approaching me and asking me questions that make me nervous and usually end in, “Can I have your phone number?” Even though I’m in a bigger city in China, a lot of the freshman students from more rural areas, haven’t seen foreigners before. So they respond by staring and talking loudly about the foreigner, sometimes in Chinese, sometimes in English.

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