Sunday, September 14, 2008

Visit to Hengyang

This week-end was the Mid-Autumn Day Festival. On this day, Chinese people do 2 important moon cakes, and look at the moon with their family. I got to do a little bit of both. First though, I visited the city where I was formerly teaching....Hengyang. Hengyang also produces a special flavor of moon cake. It's flatter than the other ones, and it tastes a little bit like flowers.

I also took two of my current classmates with me. I think they really enjoyed it. We went to KTV for our first time ever in China. A lot of my Chinese friends love going to KTV, and now I understand a little bit why. It's a chance to have a room, just you and your friends, with your very own karaoke machine. You get to choose all the songs and collectively as a group decide who sings what. It's pretty sweet! Unfortunately, all the Chinese songs were in Chinese characters, so my classmates and I could only sing a few of the simple words in the Chinese songs.

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