Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random thoughts on Studying in China

1. The weather changes quickly…as in the temperature drops 30 degrees in 2 days.
2. Whenever people give compliments, you should always, ALWAYS reject them.
3. When people ask how you are doing, you should probably just say you’re doing good. Otherwise you will have to use a lot of Chinese to explain your situation and you might not explain it very clearly, so then they will think you are not well (in the head).
4. If you consistently leave the apartment complex by yourself, the gate-keeper will think you are a social misfit and ask you why you are always alone. (You should have a good answer prepared for her.)
5. If you ask the teacher questions during class, it’s considered rude. Wait to ask your questions until the break or ask your classmates the question after class.

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gad said...

That explains it! My freshmen were all raised in China!