Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts from Travelers at Beijing Airport

Buy the lightest laptop possible.

Don’t take too much stuff . . . “I have so much stuff; I just bring stuff.”

Pack so you have one hand free at all times.

Make sure you can carry everything you have.

Pack with one change of clothes…which half of us failed to do.

Bring your toothbrush (and toothpaste) in your carry-on.

Take pills in carry-on.

Drink more water not coffee or soda (it dehydrates you).

When you stand up on a plane, don’t pull yourself up using the seat in front of you.

When possible, travel with others.

Keep snacks in carry-on and ask flight attendants how many meals will be served and when the meals will be coming, (so you can space the snacks accordingly).

Keep dark chocolate in carry-on.

Wear black and other neutral colors and layer them to look like a professional traveler.

Keep 2 books under your chair in the plane; the first book might be a dud, then you’re stuck.

Plan for all contingencies.

Take some random pictures in the airport.

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Anonymous said...

So, all in all, did you find you were a successful traveler? Our thoughts were with you. I thought you looked so nice as you left for the airport. Hope you liked your books you had along.