Saturday, March 29, 2008


This evening, as most of our teaching team (minus one) was sitting down at a restaurant to eat, we spied two other foreigners. We quickly pointed them out to each other, and made speculations about who they were and what their role was / is in Hengyang. We didn’t have to speculate for long, because the older, bigger of the two made his way to our table and introduced himself as “Randy from California.” He reminded me of someone running for city mayor and was very eager to talk about himself. We learned that he is a teacher at a High School here in the city and doesn’t get off his campus much. He explained that he was on his way home, when two young ladies wanted to practice their English with him. So he and the other foreigner, Enrique, were eating supper with these ladies who were also former English students of ours. Now the students were maybe 21 or 22 even though Randy is probably close in age to my father. Disturbing? Yes, I do think so Mayor Randy.

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